Wands and offhands, along with shields, are the only items you cannot upgrade or salvage for mods. So if you salvage, don't be shocked to find wood or iron ingots no matter how hard you try. On the sole basis that they cannot be modified, wands and offhands if perfect and gold can gather a lot of money. It's much harder to get a perfect cane and offhand than say an equivalent staff.

Most of these items will be green. Usually the greens have a set price, 1k for flint's, 1k for rockmolder, etc... Few green wands and offhands do command a high price. The most expensive are the healing and fire weapons. A healing combo like Brohns can go as high as 100k, but lately with the release of Factions, prices have dropped significantly.

Perfect wands have a maximum of two mods. Perfect offhands have also a maximum of two mods. The main advantage of a wand/offhand combo is the extra energy your character will have. The ultimate downside comes from the fact that both weapons might have different requirements in different areas. But the main advantage is making "hybrid" builds, as you can pick two complementing weapons in different skills.

Now perfect gold wands/canes are hard to find. The most sought after is the "+5 energy (while health over 50%)". Wands with lower energy stats such as +3 or +4 also command a higher price since generally, gold wands with energy mods are quite hard to come by. Usually with an energy mod comes a % chance of half recharge time. 10% is usually the norm, and a +5 energy with 10% recharge gold wand would be simply pristine.

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