The two most popular Warrior weapons are some of the most in-demand items. Since both are equally popular, this guide has been merged. Swords seem to be slightly more popular, but overall the amount of users is basically the same.

When getting a gold drop, the most important features of your sword/axe is the skin, requirement, and the damage modifier. The hilt/haft and pommel/grip modifications are a lot less important, even though it wouldn't hurt if they were perfect/near-perfect.

The reason the skin is important is because people in GW want to look good. Why wield a regular longsword when you can have a Crystaline, or a Fellblade? Rare skins are highly sought after. The rarer the skin, the higher the price you can set. Obviously though, the skin doesn't really mean anything if the requirement isn't good.

Probably the most important of the three attributes is the requirement. If your requirement is anything higher than lvl. 10 you will have to search far and wide for a buyer. Anything within the lvl 7-9 range is considered perfect if the weapon is max damage. Anything lvl. 10+ will be really hard to sell, in this case if you have good mods on the weapon I would choose to salvage instead.

The second most important feature is the damage mod. Here are the perfect mods in order of preference amongst players:

  1. +15% damage (health over 50%)

  2. +15% damage (while enchanted)

  3. +15% damage (while in a stance)

  4. +20% damage (health under 50%)

  5. +20% damage (while hexed)

Obviously if the % damage is lower than 15 or 20 it is less than perfect and makes the weapon a lot less desirable. In some instances, imperfect damage mods are even preferred over perfect damage mods. For example, a "14% damage (health over 50%)" is a lot more desirable to most players than a "+20% damage (while hexed)". If you are to have a highly priced weapon, you should have one of the top three damage modifiers on it.

Now that you have the skin, req, and damage modifier figured out, here's how to price your item. If your skin is rare, the req is perfect (7-9), and you have a top three damage mod on it you're in really good shape. Solely based on this your weapon is worth at least 20k if not more. The reason it is not that much yet is because the accompaning mods are not very good. But if they are, your weapon is well beyond six figures. If you have a regular skin, perfect req, and perfect damage mod then your weapon is worth about 5k.

The two mods on your sword or axe have to complement the damage modifier. If they don't, it lowers your weapon's value. So for example, a Fiery Dragon Sword of Enchanting, with a perfect "+15% damage (while in a stance)" is not as desirable as a "+15% damage (while enchanted)". The enchant mod on the sword helps you keep your +15% damage modifier active longer during your bouts. That's not to say that a "while in stance" mod wouldn't be useful either, but it's just not as desirable in this case.

Now the reason "health over 50%" is the most popular is that the mod is the least modifier dependant. For the other two you need to be enchanted, or be in a stance. For the last two you need to be dying or be cursed with hexes like conjure phantasm and whatnots. Basically the last two are opponent dependant, while the first three are player dependant which makes them more valued.

Here is a list of the weapon upgrades that go best with the damage modifiers.

  • +15% damage (health above 50%)

    1. Any perfect mod

  • +15% damage (while enchanted)

    1. Any enchantment pommel/grip
    2. All elemental hilts/hafts

  • +15% damage (while in a stance)

    1. Any hilts/hafts
    2. Any armor or fortitude pommels/grips

  • +20% damage (health under 50%)

    1. Everything except a Fortitude pommel/grip

  • +20% damage (while hexed)

    1. Any mod that isn't near-perfect or perfect

Now that you know which mods are best for what here's what to consider in term of pricing your gold weapons. How perfect is it all around? Are the three main attributes perfect? Are the two weapon upgrades perfect or near perfect or junk? As you can guess the closer a weapon is to perfect complementing modifiers, and perfect three attributes the higher the price.

So effectively a million dollar weapon would be a Perfect Req 7-9, max damage, 20/20 Sundering Crystaline Sword of +30 Fortitude with +15% damage over 50% health.

A 100k+ectos weapon would be a Req 9, max damage, 20/20 Sundering Fellblade of +30 Fortitude with +15% damage over 50% health.

A 100k weapon would take the form of a Req 9, max damage, Fiery Dragon Sword of +20% enchanting, with +15% damage while enchanted.

Weapons selling in the 10k-75k range should all be a combination of perfect mixed with near-perfect and common or rare skins. Something going for 75k would be a perfect modded sword but with a common skin, like Longsword. Meanwhile something going for 10k could be a Cruel Gladius of +5 Armor, with a near perfect damage mod.

Obviously this is just a guide, and I can't guarantee you can sell at these prices, but the market has allowed for some crazy outrageous prices. I personally have sold a non-max weapon with two perfect mods for 50k. So anything is possible and not within these constraints. Good luck on the market sellers.

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