Much like buying selling is also a crapshoot. Remember that selling is also a lot harder than buying, much like real life. When you start you business you have to be aware of the market for several things.

The market's demand for your item is probably the most important aspect on whether you should sell or hold for value. If you're selling a Rockmolder, don't expect to get a lot of money because the market is saturated with them, and the item isn't so great (especially after the 20/20 Rockmolder nerf). Now, something more desirable like a Victo's Axe (20/20 sunder) will get more money than a Rockmolder, but once again the market is saturated with those too. The good thing about a popular item is if it is a good one, like Victo's Axe, the demand will always be there. There will always be someone too lazy to get their own in the Tombs and they will buy it off you.

So now once you gauge how desirable your item is, it's time to do business. You have to know how much is the average price for your item. Look in the trade channel and see if you're the only one spamming "WTS Victo's Axe". Ask them for a quote. If they ask for an offer give them something you think is reasonable. If it's too low they'll usually laugh and call you a noob or if it's too high they'll say yes, or if it's about right they'll just say deal and then you're in "moral" trouble and should be up front that you don't wanna buy it.

Based on the market price of your item, you should model your price either lower or higher depending on what you need. Lower if you wanna move it fast, and higher obviously if you're strapped for cash. If you do go higher, don't push anything higher than 5-10k. Anything higher is literally filing virtual bankrupcy since nobody will buy from you.

When talking with potential customers, you need to set several prices in your head.

  1. Your minimum selling price
  2. Your intended selling price
  3. Your reasonably high selling price

Based on these three prices you should aim for your high or intended price with obviously the minimum price a last resort. Sometimes you can fake your minimum price is your intended price and usually the buyer, if really interested in your item, will buy with no more counteroffers.
Also note that most reputable buyers will look at the item and start offering right away. People that look will spend their sweet time looking at your stuff all day (that is if you're selling one item, this rule doesn't apply for mass sellers) and they're obviously wasting your time.

Selling item in mass is a bit harder, and you should only set the "three prices" on your most pristine items. Your fillers, as I like to call them, should be all set at minimum price. Don't even argue, just dump them. If they're not pristine, they're not worth time, just let them go even if they have one perfect mod. If that's the case sell or salvage. Sellers should not be coward salvagers. Getting wood instead of +30 fortitude happens a lot, so don't dispair, that's just the way it is.

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