Rainbow Phoenix

Rainbow Phoenix

AffiliationFar Shiverpeaks wildlife
TypeCharmable Animal
CampaignEye of the North
Comparison of a Rainbow Phoenix fully grown to a character

[edit] Overview

The Rainbow Phoenix is a beautiful specimen. It is a Charmable Animal and found within the Hall of Monuments. This pet starts at an average size, however it rapidly expands in size to become the biggest of all the pets present within the game. It's the only pet in Guild Wars with elevated stats.

[edit] Notes

  • To find the Rainbow Phoenix in the Hall of Monuments, a character must satisfy the following conditions:

1. Having all four Monumental Tapestries added to his/her Hall of Monuments.
2. Having achieved the second tier of the maxed titles track, "People Know Me", or greater.
3. Entering the area alone. No other players, no heroes, no henchmen.

  • As long as those conditions are met, a character can charm a Rainbow Phoenix as many times as desired.

[edit] Locations

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