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[edit] Overview

Viewed as masters of the arts of death and sacrifice, the Necromancer is a character of much diversity. The class of Necromancer has a lot of benefits to offer such as being able to give your allies an offensive boost, hex enemies,leech health from enemies or raise minions from corpses. They are classified under the casters category and as such work to those rules. Unlike Warriors and Rangers, equipment is not important to a Necromancer. Despite some great armours, the concentration of a Necromancer user should be put upon your energy pool. The Necromancer is not much suited for right out combat, more suited to a support role.

[edit] Attributes

[edit] Soul Reaping

This is the primary attribute of the Necromancer, its ability sometimes seemingly useless, but it actually helps a lot. For every attribute point in Soul Reaping, you gain 1 energy everytime a creature dies (this includes all enemies, neutrals, and allies). So with 10 attribute points invested, everytime something dies, you'll gain 10 energy. This is especially useful for regaining energy after a battle, having you already fueled for the next fight. Only downside is when nothing is dying; sometimes you'll encounter battles against one or two really strong enemies (or even just a very defensive team), and you'll have to use all your energy to try and kill them. If they don't die, you'll be out of energy. Another point to note is this attribute does not have a full line of skills waiting for use. In fact, until the Factions update arrived, there was absolutely no skills in it. Now it has two skills, both elites; one that deals damage, another that interrupts and possibly disables your targets skills for some time.

[edit] Blood Magic

  • Blood is Power
  • Demonic Flesh
  • Unholy Feast
  • Vampiric Touch
  • Well of Blood

This attribute has an abundance of skills that can be used for many reasons. It includes most of the Necromancer's damage dealing, health stealing, and support skills. With a mix of sacrifice and health stealing skills, you can deal all the damage while equalizing lost health. The most popular build based off these skills are Blood Mages, which spam the damage-dealing skills of this attribute to deal high amounts of damage, while healing themselves with health stealing skills. The Battery build has also become popular, which basically fuels its allies, one key component being providing the team monk with energy.

[edit] Curses

  • Barbs
  • Insidious Parasite
  • Lingering Curse
  • Mark of Pain
  • Shadow of Fear

Necromancers are often referred to as "cousins of the Mesmer" because of their similar hex spells; most of which lie in the Curses attribute. Skills in this attribute can be used to hinder and counter enemy moves (more directed towards physical damage dealers in curses, compared to Mesmer skills, but have some ones to take down casters, especially skills for Energy Denial, which is trying to get rid of your foes energy).

[edit] Death Magic

  • Anime Bone Minions
  • Consume Corpse
  • Death Nova
  • Putrid Explosion
  • Verata's Aura

This is what a majority of new players come to play the Necromancer for. The focus of this attribute is making use of corpses, which are left behind when a creature dies. The most popular skills are the ones that create undead minions out of these corpses, which attack your foes (though you don't have much control over them, they'll attack an enemy as soon as it is in aggro range). You can have a max of 10 minions at a time, but you must maintain them with healing skills (either of another profession or the great minion maintaining skills provided in the Death Magic attribute), for they're health automatically decreases, whether they are in battle or not. Other Death skills superpower your undead alliance, such as Death Nova which can turn a minion into a walking bomb.

[edit] Non Attribute Skills

  • Chiron's Balance
  • Necrotic Traversal
  • Rend Enchantments

[edit] Character Combinations

[edit] Tactics

[edit] Pros

  • Great Support Class
  • Lots of ways to steal health
  • DoT spells
  • Anti-enchantment
  • Anti warrior/ranger skills are abundant
  • Armor ignoring damage skills
  • Many ways to get rid of conditions
  • Wells
  • Good choice as target callers

[edit] Cons

  • Some skills depend on corpses to be good
  • Runs into energy management issues
  • Has it harder vs casters than most classes
  • Soul reaping is very situational
  • Too many fast health sacrifices can kill you
  • Touch range skills are dangerous for this class in some combinations

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