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A statue of the god Grenth as represented in the Temple of Ages located in Tyria.


[edit] Overview

Grenth is the god of ice and death. Worshiped mainly by necromancers and assassins, Grenth is believed to be the source of maximum power to these professions. Due to his strength in ice magic, elementalists specializing in water magic also tend to walk down the path of this god's teachings. Fairly all tasks taken on by Assassins are executed after a blessing from this god, and it is rare for them to carry out a mission without one. Artists sculpting statues of Grenth often portray him with a masculine body with a mortifying head of a beast. Also shown in these statues, spirits of the dead are often seen grasping the edges of his surrounding cloak. This god is always depicted with a demonic and monstrous presence, much unlike the other gods.

[edit] Locations and Appearances

  • Representations of Grenth can be found in numerous locations within the continents of all three versions of the game. The majority of his representations are in the form of statues, but there are some murals portraying what the god is believed to have looked like as well.

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[edit] Notes

  • Ritualists, those who spcialize in the summoning of spirits and controlling the dark forces of the Underworld, also follow the teachings of Grenth in order to grow stronger.
  • If a player uses the 'kneel' emote at the tablet of the statue of Grenth, the Voice of Grenth will appear. Paying 1 platinum can give a player the chance to travel to the Underworld. Also, dedicating an offering towards a specified cause from the Voice of Grenth will earn a player a Blessing.

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