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Guild Wars
North American Box Art
Release Date(s)April 28, 2005 (Prophecies)

April 28, 2006 (Factions)
October 27, 2006 (Nightfall)

August 31, 2007 (Eye of the North)
Rating(T) Teen

Guild Wars takes place in a mystical realm filled with magic, mystery, and adventure. Monsters and enemies oppose you at every turn, and only those that have the skills to master the paths they have chosen are able to venture further than anyone could ever imagine...

[edit] Gameplay

[edit] Features

  • Does not require monthly fees to play.
  • Six core Professions to choose from.
  • Characters are customizable from a palette of face and hair models, skin colour, height, and of course, their choice in armour and weapons.
  • Full 3D graphics to really bring the game to life.
  • Available third-person overhead and first-person perspectives.
  • Player-versus-player, cooperative combat, and solo combat.
  • Numerous missions and objectives to complete for each campaign.
  • Characters posses 20 full experience levels of mastering their arts, but even after the game is only beginning.

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