Elementalist Insignia


[edit] Overview

Elementalists are a rather powerful race, claiming ownership over the Earth, Heavens, the Water and the Flames. They have the ability to dish out massive amounts of damage to single unit, yet at the same time they may spread damage to several opponents at the same time making them a diverse unit in the role of combat. Their weakness comes in the form of defence, which they have very little of. This means the player must develop a tactic, this normally comes down to attacking an enemy before they see you or launching a series of hit and runs. They also have the option of imposing a number of different negative statuses on the foe. This versatility allows the Elementalist to work in a number of roles including a spell caster from afar, an explosion of deadly magic up close or even a defensive close combat fighter.

[edit] Attributes

  • Energy Storage
  • Air Magic
  • Earth Magic
  • Fire Magic
  • Water Magic

[edit] Character Combinations

[edit] Tactics

[edit] Pros

  • Select your role and create your build to fit that role
  • Choose complementary skills and Secondary Professions
  • Remember your energy level when selecting skills
  • Study your enemy and know how to counter them
  • Also know how their countering works, so you may counter that
  • Don't charge in with blood lust, remember the objectives and use your team
  • When in PvE missions, don't forget your res signet/spell!

[edit] Cons

  • Due to weak defences, stay out of close range melee as much as possible
  • Do not challenge anything your race can't handle it'll spell your doom
  • With the weak defences, don't be afraid to run when the going gets tough

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