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Dye (abbreviation for the term 'Vial of Dye') is an item used to change the colour of another item, whether it be armor, weapons or another accessory. A Vial of Dye is a purchasable from a Dye Trader or can be aquired through other methods such as quests or farming. This item also comes in various different colours so that players have a variety of options to choose from. The picture below displays all the types of dye that are currently available: black, blue, brown, gray, green, orange, purple, red, silver, white and yellow.

Items - Dyes.jpg

[edit] Notes

  • The price of dye is based on popularity and is always changing. Some dyes, such as yellow or orange dye, come very cheap, but more purchased dyes like white and black dye are usually very expensive.
  • Valued dyes (particularly black dyes) are often used in high-end trades in all campaigns, some popular places being Kaineng Center, Lion's Arch and Old Ascalon.
  • Inventory bags (backpacks, belt pouches and bags) can also be dyed, however it will have no outer effect on the player. It will only change the colour of the bags in the player's personal inventory window.
  • Gray dye can be purchased from a merchant.

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