[edit] Overview

Commands are basically keyboard short cuts, or hot keys, for actions within the game. They are done by typing the correct command into the chat box. They always begin with a / and other players won't see the text when you send it. If its purpose is to return information a green font will appear and if someone attempts to use a non existent command, a green "unknown command" shall display.

[edit] Commands for Guild Wars

  • /age: Number of hours played with the current character and days elapsed since creation
  • /deaths: Displays the number of times the character has died since its creation.
  • Ctrl+Shift+H: Hides or un-hides the user interface.

[edit] Character Movements

/afk (same as /sit)
/breath (same as /catchbreath)
/health (shows health/total health, energy/total energy) <-- green font command
/invite (invites character to your party, or you to his or her group)
/namepet petname, /petname petname (gives pet a name)
/namepet, /petname (resets pet name)
/petname – To change the name of your pet use this command followed by the name you wish to give the pet. For example typing into your chat box “/petname Dilbert” will change the name of your pet to Dilbert. Typing in “/petname” without a name following it restores the default name and evolution to your pet.
/preorder – Restores the special weapons granted to accounts that entered a valid pre-order key.
/rank, /fame (infamous emotes, R3 [deer], R6 [wolf], R9 [tiger], R12 [phoenix])
/resign – Use this command to resign a mission. Once all party members resign the mission the mission will end without credit.
/roll (number)
/roll number (valid only outside towns or outposts)

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