The charr are a race in the world of Tyria, characterized by their beast-like appearance. In Guild Wars 2, they inhabit the ruined Ascalon. They are the ones who launched a brutal attack on Ascalon known as The Searing, which devastated the people and the landscape, turning most vegetation to ash and great cities into ruin. They are absent from Guild Wars Factions and Guild Wars Nightfall.

In Guild Wars Prophecies and Eye of the North, these cat creatures were a primary enemy for the human race, though some charr broke away to form their own faction, such as the Ranger Hero Pyre Fierceshot. Pyre explains to the player that the enemy charr forces are the ones led by charr Shaman, who led their people to worship the titans, which Pyre calls "false gods."

Charr society is extremely brutal, and their lives tend to end prematurely because of their violent culture. They are a playable race in Guild Wars 2, and their capital city, the Black Citadel, is based in Old Ascalon. The city's design reflects the industrial aesthetic unique to charr.

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