Charmable Animal


[edit] Overview

Charmable animals are creatures within the game that can be charmed to become Pets. This is achieved by a Ranger through the skill Charm Animal. The majority of these animals are hostile but passive. Once the Charm Animal skill has been completed, the animal joins the party by the character's side.

[edit] Campaign Core

Region: The Underworld

Notes: Wolf is default for PvP characters.

[edit] Campaign Prophecies

Region: Ascalon

Region: Northern Shiverpeaks

Region: Kryta

Region: Maguuma

Region: Crystal Desert

Region: Southern Shiverpeaks

[edit] Campaign Factions

Region: Shing Jea Island

Region: Kaineng

Region: The Jade Sea

Region: Echovald

[edit] Campaign Nightfall

Region: Istan

Region: Kourna and Vabbi

Region: The Desolation

[edit] Campaign Eye of the North

Region: Far Shiverpeaks

Region: Tarnished Coast

Region: Charr Homelands

Region: Depths of Tyria

[edit] See Also

  • Pets - For list of Pets in alphabetical order
  • Ranger - More on the profession that can charm the animals
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