Buying items is a crapshoot, sometimes you get ripped off, and sometimes you get a great deal. When buying items either scope out the Trade channel or spam your own WTB (Want To Buy) advertisement.

Now when you whisper someone to see their items, always ask their price. Many experienced sellers will ask for your offer. You should always say "I don't know". At this point you will get their asking price. Now you may say... why not give them your true offer? Well that's because if you offer too low they'll just close the trade box and ignore you. Meanwhile when they give you their price it's usually a ripoff, but sometimes if they offer a reasonable price, lower it 1-5k. If it's really cheap, don't even argue and just buy it at the steal price.

When bardering for a lower price, state the reason you want a lower price. Use things along the lines that you have no cash left, or the item is not perfect, or you bought something similiar for even lower. Most reasonable sellers will lower their price at least 1-5k, and if not, they usually can meet your counteroffer in the middle.


(Gold) Poisonous Flatbow of Fortitude

Max Damage

+14% damage (Health over 50%)

Lengthens Poison Duration by 33%

+24 Health

Say the Seller offers 5k, I would counteroffer immediately to 2k saying the mods aren't even worth that much. The Poison string goes for about 1k-1.5k and the fortitude... well it's junk! 500g tops. The skin isn't rare and the damage mod isn't even max. Many sellers over appraise their goods, since they're in the greedy mindset, but honestly this bow should not even sell for over 5k to begin with.

Keep bardering and try to work something towards your end. 2k to 3k would be a solid deal on this one. 1k-1.5k a steal. 4k and higher a total ripoff.

As you work and get familiar with buying items you will learn your limits on getting a better price on an item. Usually a polite approach works best, but sometimes a rude aggressive approach works too. Learn to "read" your sellers, and find what strategy works best.

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