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A statue of the god Balthazar as represented in the Temple of Ages located in Tyria.


[edit] Overview

The Tyrian god, Balthazar, is known and worshiped as the god of war and fire. Presumably boasting incredible strength and fury, it is said that this god can conquer any battlefield using his unbelievable power. For these reasons, many warriors and elementalists devote their lives to serving him. Although the majority of Balthazar's servants are made up of warriors and elementalists, monks specializing in Protection Magic and Smiting Magic tend to follow him as well. Prior to a dangerous or life-threatening task, war being the most common, commanders or Guild Lords often speak a few words to this god to guide them on their mission. This master of the battlegrounds is often depicted with a long sword with two battle hounds at his sides.

[edit] Locations and Appearances

  • Representations of Balthazar can be found in numerous locations within the continents of all three versions of the game. The majority of his representations are in the form of statues, but there are some murals portraying what the god is believed to have looked like as well.

[edit] Guild Wars Prophecies

[edit] Guild Wars Factions

[edit] Guild Wars Nightfall

[edit] Notes

  • Statues of Balthazar within the continent of Cantha have been altered because of cultural differences. His sword is often portrayed using a single-edged imperial style, and the battle hounds are usually replaced with winged drakes.
  • Balthazar is also referred to as the 'Bastian of Martial Glory' according to the Guild Wars Factions Manuscripts.
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