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[edit] Overview

Unlike any other character in the game, the Monk is more of a healer and team player rather than a combat unit. Their usefulness includes healing party members, upgrading their abilities in combat along with the ability to remove conditions and hexes. They can perform direct damage with the use of Smiting Prayers, however their focus is to keep your team alive in the best condition as achievable.

Playing as a Monk does come off as boring, however in battle they have to get around quickly keep a close eye on everything to ensure the survival of their team. This in combination with their low level armour can often lead to them being the first target of any enemy.

Their spells are fantastic but you must pay a price, normally in the form of high energy usage. However, they normally carry a lot of handy benefits also. This means having to keep a close eye on your energy levels while you keep the other on everything else taking place on the battlefield.

A class specific power it the ability to revive dead party members, multiple times! This makes including at least one of these in any team more than a highly considerable option.

[edit] Attributes

  • Divine Favour
  • Healing Prayers
  • Protection Prayers
  • Smiting Prayers

[edit] Character Combinations

[edit] Tactics

[edit] Pros

  • Ability to heal, help and revive other team mates
  • Strong magical abilities in all areas known to the Monks
  • Can sit back and enjoy the show while still being contributive to the battle
  • Prayers covering four main areas in battle: Aiding, Healing, Protecting and Killing
  • Highly rated and looked for due to usefulness

[edit] Cons

  • Very weak in combat of the close sort
  • Hunted down by the opposing team due to usefulness against them
  • Low armour levels
  • Can't participate in any real battling, only aid
  • Having to keep a close eye on energy levels
  • Possible complains from team mates not looking at the bigger picture and focusing on themselves

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